Monday, January 4, 2010

30 Things About BD

1. More often than not, he sings in the shower. If he doesn't know all of the words to a song, he just makes up lyrics.

2. He makes up random nicknames for Kip such as "Tootle Britches" and "Willis."

3. 80s music is his favorite type of music. Billy Ocean is his guilty pleasure.

4. On the weekends, he drinks 2 quarts of sweet tea in 48 hours.

5. He keeps his shoes obsessively clean. Often he'll wear shoes that are 2+ years old and you'd think they were brand new.

6. He will watch any kind of movie. Yes, even cheesy Lifetime movies.

7. The sports page is the first section of the newspaper that he reads. He reads the sports section cover to cover and skims the other sections.

8. He wakes up in a good mood almost every day.

9. When he goes fishing, he kisses the fish he caught before throwing it back.

10. 24 is his favorite TV show. He owns every season on DVD.

11. He does not like to be by himself for more than a couple of hours.

12. He feels guilty and apologizes to Kip on days that Kip doesn't get a long exercise walk.

13. During cold weather, he tucks his shirt into his pajama pants to "keep out the drafts." It is both dorky and cute.

14. He has an bachelor's degree in math and a master's degree in public health.

15. He will not eat Burger King.

16. When we walk in the neighborhood with Kip, he picks up any sharp objects he finds in the road (nails, screws, etc) so that "no one will get a flat tire."

17. He doesn't care for raw onions.

18. It is almost impossible to get him to spend money on himself.

19. He doesn't like bacon as a topping on pizza.

20. He is an only child.

21. Since our wedding day, he has never removed his wedding band. In fact, if it ever needs to come off it's going to have to be cut because now it won't come over his knuckle.

22. He puts a glass of chocolate milk in the freezer before he drinks it.

23. He claims he does not have a favorite movie. The closest he gets is to list a Top 5 -- in no particular order: Rounders, Jerry Maguire, the Rocky series, the Oceans series, and the Bourne series.

24. He is embarrassed to admit that his actual favorite movie is Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze.

25. He started playing golf with his dad at age 9.

26. His job title is Senior Biostatistician.

27. His eyes change color from blue to green depending on what color shirt he's wearing.

28. One day he would like to do some extreme back country skiing.

29. He cannot nap.

30. Today is his 30th birthday.


Tracy said...

Ha! Those are great! Number 1, 21 and 27 describe Trey as well. :)
Happy Birthday to BD!

Pickles and Dimes said...

These are all wonderful! I love that he picks up sharp objects on the road so no one gets a flat tire. What a thoughtful guy!

Happy birthday, BD!

Emily said...

What a great list! And I agree, the picking up sharp objects thing is pure awesome!!

Happy birthday to you BD!

Peggy said...

What a wonderful man for my daughter to be married to!! We're so proud to call him a part of our family!! Love Mama

Emily said...

Wanted you to know that because of this list I picked up a HUGE 3 inch long rusted screw from the street while walking Tally this weekend. BD you are saving tires all the way in Seattle! Well done!