Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tales of the Tail: The One with the Boxing

Kip gets very playful when the temperature starts dropping. It's been pretty cold here recently, so he is full of energy. He plays this infuriating game where he paws at the back door (his signal that he's ready to come in) but instead of coming in, he just backs away from the door and wags his tail. This is cute at first... not so cute the 500th time. Sometimes he wants to play chase or fetch, but more often than not he just stands there and wags his tail.

BD, who is infinitely more patient with that "game" than I am, will go out and have "boxing" matches with him.

The opponents face off.

Kip swings the first punch!

BD deflects the hit!

See all those muddy foot prints on the deck? Because it has been rainy lately, his paws often have to be washed off before he can come inside. He loves it just about as much as you would imagine.

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teg said...

YES! Muddy paws are a pain. It's not such a problem anymore, but when I used to dog sit at my best friend's old house, the dogs' paws would get horribly muddy (not to mention most of the rest of their bodies). Usually by the time they were clean, I was covered in mud myself.