Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let the Holiday Eating Begin, 2009 Edition

Last year I made Zebra Nipples to give out as holiday gifts to neighbors and co-workers. They are really cute, but to make as many as I need there is a lot of spreading out pretzels, unwrapping kisses, placing m&m's, etc. With precious few weekends between now and Christmas, I decided I needed something with a lower work-involved-to-benefit ratio.

I recently found a recipe for caramels that looked delicious and decided to make a test batch over the weekend. Which worked out perfectly with my plan to procrastinate as long as possible over my one remaining final school project.

BD was not very happy about the caramel making because he loves caramels but has thousands of dollars worth of dental work in his mouth that run the risk of removal-by-caramel. Sorry, BD!

I started with a few simple ingredients.

I melted the ingredients in a "heavy-bottomed" sauce pan (I'm not sure what exactly that means!) while stirring constantly. I used a food thermometer to check the temp and cooked it at 240 degrees for 2 minutes.

It took about 2 hours to cool to room temperature and was then ready to cut,


and bag!

I'm not sure I accomplished my goal of less work; I had to cut up the wax paper by hand and wrap and twist them individually. But I'm thinking of doing a combination of caramels and nipples in the gift bags.


Mama said...

I wish I were your neighbor!!! They look delicious!!

L and C said...

Yum. This makes me think of the Friends episode where Monica makes the holiday treats and her neighbors start knocking on her door and demanding she make more!