Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kip's Tale: Prepping for Surgery

After Kip's RoboKnee is installed, we're going to have to be really careful about his jumping and going up/down stairs while he recovers. Yesterday BD built ramps for the back deck and the truck (our main mode of transporting Kip).

He started with a trimmed down piece of plywood to cover the deck stairs. It is attached to the deck for now but can be removed once the RoboKnee is fully functional.

The ramp is covered in all-weather carpeting for traction.

After an initial hestitation, Kip was using it like a pro. Notice the empty flower pots on either side of the ramp? Kip's first plan of attack was just to leap over from the side and avoid the ramp altogether. It's a miracle his real knee has lasted this long!

We were worried that Kip would balk at the truck ramp since it was a bit higher and the ramp itself is narrower, but he went right up it and into the truck with no problems.

[Author's note: Kip's surgery was actually performed today (12/31). We've heard from the surgeon, and everything went as expected. Kip is currently resting comfortably in ICU where he'll be monitored throughout the night. I'll have a full post on the surgery once we get him home and settled.]


Tracy said...

Aww... that is such a great idea with the ramps! You are great parents to the fur-child.
Oh, and I LOVE your new profile picture! Ya'll are such a great looking couple!

Emily said...

Go robo Kip Go!!! Rooting for a speedy recovery.

Well done on the ramps!!

Pickles and Dimes said...

Great job on the ramps! You are such great puppy parents. :)