Sunday, October 4, 2009

Letters from First Grade

My oldest nephew recently started first grade. They are learning about writing letters, so I have the privilege of being his pen pal for the school year.

I received my first letter in the mail on Saturday.


Dear Aunt [LA],
How are you?
I have been working very hard at school.
How is Uncle [BD]?
I wish you were here.
How is Kip?
Love, [nephew]


Fine For Now said...

SO cute!

Alice said...

love it!! there used to be this great program in dc where they'd pair you up with a kid and send you the same books they had to read for class, then you'd send letters back & forth about the books, to try and get kids more excited about reading. they'd scan the kids' original letters and email them to me. it was SO ADORABLE.

L and C said...

can't wait to see what the little man has to say over the course of the next year -- I'm sure he will be as entertaining on paper as he is in the flesh. :)

teg said...

You've gotta love that! My niece, Abby, draws pictures for me all the time. I love the ones of Zoe where she includes Zoe's little "gender" tattoo. And she always sketches Bailey with a huge smile on his face.