Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laser Eyes

Guess what I did yesterday?? I had laser eye surgery!!

Before sugery, getting prepped with the lovely betadine:

The surgery itself was a piece of cake with no pain and very, very minimal discomfort. It lasted about 10 minutes total. BD watched through a window into the operating room and also watched a huge magnification of my eyeball and the procedure on a big-screen TV.

After the surgery, doing a final check and taping on the eye shields:

I went home a slept for several hours (with these nifty protective shields taped to me).

I am seeing 20/20 as of my 7am post-op appointment this morning; I could even read some of the 20/15 line! I have not had any scratchy-ness or irritation. As a matter of fact, except for being able to see clearly, it doesn't even feel like anything has been done to my eyes.

I had my surgery at TLC of Raleigh at the recommendation of my eye doctor. I highly recommend this surgery if you are a candidate. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the procedure, if anyone's interested.


Fine For Now said...

Yay glad it went well!

Tracy said...

BLAH! I'm SOOOOOOO jealous of you. I'm happy for you, but incredibly jealous. :) I'm not a candidate for any type of laser eye surgery due to my super dooper thin corneas. DANG!

I so wish I could get out of these glasses!!!

I'm glad your surgery went well! Trey had it done last year and loved his results.

Liz and Chad said...

Love the eye patches, very fetching! A-whoo-hoo for piece o' cake surgery.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I would LOVE to have this done, except for one teeny little caveat:


Glad you had such a great experience! It would be nice to wake up and see clearly.

teg said...

I had that done way back when it first came out, even though my only problem was astigmatism. I lost my glasses, insurance completely covered the surgery, so it seemed like the best option. However, I suffer from the side effects they have since corrected (difficult night vision, especially with all the super bright headlights out there now; a bit of dry eye syndrome). But, I can say that 12 years later, I'm still seeing just fine without any glasses or contacts! Hope your results are fabulous. Good luck!