Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laser Eyes

Guess what I did yesterday?? I had laser eye surgery!!

Before sugery, getting prepped with the lovely betadine:

The surgery itself was a piece of cake with no pain and very, very minimal discomfort. It lasted about 10 minutes total. BD watched through a window into the operating room and also watched a huge magnification of my eyeball and the procedure on a big-screen TV.

After the surgery, doing a final check and taping on the eye shields:

I went home a slept for several hours (with these nifty protective shields taped to me).

I am seeing 20/20 as of my 7am post-op appointment this morning; I could even read some of the 20/15 line! I have not had any scratchy-ness or irritation. As a matter of fact, except for being able to see clearly, it doesn't even feel like anything has been done to my eyes.

I had my surgery at TLC of Raleigh at the recommendation of my eye doctor. I highly recommend this surgery if you are a candidate. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the procedure, if anyone's interested.