Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Landscaping

We've added a few new plants in our backyard this spring. Our backyard is half wooded and half open grass. We don't want a bunch of manicured beds out there, but we did want to dress it up just a bit. Along the back fence we planted 3 red-tipped photinias and a flowering cherry tree. The photinias will keep their leaves all year long, so that will keep us from having to look at bare wood fence during the winter. The cherry tree will have beautiful pink blooms during the spring.

We also planted a magnolia tree. Magnolias are the state flower of Louisiana. Magnolia trees grow really slowly, and I usually don't like slow growers, but I love those big white blossoms. This one has tons of buds on it, so I'm hoping we will see some flowers later this summer.

And this is just a random basket of purple and red petunias. I have three of these hanging along the side fence. I plant petunias in these baskets every summer because I like the way they grow over the edges and trail down.

We have also planted several azaleas and a dogwood tree this year. Dogwoods are the state flower of North Carolina. But I didn't get pictures of them before the blooms fell off, so right now they just look like green trees and bushes. The dogwood won't bloom again until next spring, but the azaleas should bloom again later this summer.

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