Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Operation Grow Garden - Week 3

The veggies have been planted for about 3 weeks now.

The cherry (or grape? I can never remember) tomato plant is doing well. It has little yellow flowers all over it.

The regular tomato plant is looking a little puny. BD is ready to give up on it and rip it out, but I think it will be okay if we just give it some time. It's growing, but it is not very full and bushy like the other one.

The cucumbers are growing like crazy. The protective cage has little tufts of white hair from the attempts of the four-legged predator, but so far he hasn't gotten to them (yet).

BD's sunflowers are doing great. The little seedlings are about 6" tall now.

They already turn and follow the sun each day.

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Alice said...

i want fresh tomatoes and cukes!! if i plant some, will you guys come by and remember to water them for me? :-)