Monday, May 11, 2009

Operation Grow Garden: Week 1

In our "garden" this year, we have planted 2 tomato plants and a cucumber plant. Last year Kip ate the cucumber plant before it had a chance to grow, so this year it is protected with chicken wire. He didn't bother the tomato plants at all last year, and we got 100+ tomatoes off the 2 plants (yes, we kept a count...yes, we are dorks). These are planted inside the wooden fence, so Kip is the only predator that can get to them. Although I have heard that birds will damage a tomato crop, we haven't had that problem.

BD is growing sunflowers from seeds again this summer. He did this 2 years ago, and the sunflowers got over 6' tall. They were gorgeous! These are planted right outside the wooden fence. We don't have to worry about Kip bothering them, but they still have to have a chicken wire cage around them because the rabbits think they are delicious. The little seedlings are only about 2" tall so far.

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