Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pick My Outfit - Spring Wedding

We have a wedding to attend on Saturday evening, and I can't decide what to wear. Here are my three top choice dresses - vote in the poll to the right (and/or leave me a comment) and tell me what you think I should wear.

Also, please remember in case it is not painfully obvious, the camera adds ten pounds I am not a professional model. Oh, I also promise to actually fix my hair and put on makeup before I go to the wedding.

Option 1: Blue stripes. This dress actually hits right above my knees when I am not doing a weird tilt-to-the-side-hands-on-hips pose. Accessories not pictured: probably silver bangle bracelets and silver hoop earrings.

Option 2: Green with white polka dots. I have on white sandals in this picture, but I think I would trade those out for a silver-ish pair. I always feel geeky in white sandals. Accessories not pictured: diamond pendant/stud earrings.

Option 3: White/black/pink. This dress is actually strapless, but I don't like strapless dresses on me, hence the sweater. I might try to find a more cropped, shorter-sleeve sweater instead of this one. Accessories: pink necklace and pink dangly earrings.

BD will most likely be in a gray suit with a spring-y colored shirt and tie, in case that affects your decision.


Jess said...

All adorable, but I vote for option 3. Very cute!

teg said...

I am also going to a wedding Saturday evening - you're not by any chance going to the Gabriel/Hilliard wedding are you? :)
I like the 3rd option, except for the fact that it is supposed to be 87 on Saturday. It would depend on what you had available to accessorize if you're uncomfortable with the straplessness.
I liked the green dress, too, but I agree that white shoes always look weird. Anyway, my two cents.
I am an almost completely jeans and tshirt girl so I had to buy a dress today. Found one I liked at Ann Taylor Loft for under $100 and I can wear my already existing black strappy sandals (score!)
Have a great weekend!

sil said...

i loooooooooooove the green!!

Tracy said...

I love the green dress, but I love option 3 for the wedding!

Emily said...

I'd say #3 only if you won't burn up into little pieces with 87 degree heat!

Fine For Now said...

I voted for the green dress! It just SCREAMS spring and I love that!

Plus my favorite color is green and it looks really good on you!


Alice said...

i was going to vote for #3, but then i saw teg's comment... which is a definite consideration! given that, i'm going with #2 :-)

Carla said...

I like 3, but with a white or pinkish sweater. Alternately, I like the blue stripes, but with strappy or sling-back heels.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Either #2 or #3 - they're both so cute!