Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday morning the meteorologists suddenly started predicting a fast moving winter storm that was going to hit our area last night. And lo, it actually happened! It started snowing last night around 9pm and snowed through the day today until around noon. We have about 3" of accumulation at our house.

Snowy Front Yard:

Snowy Back Yard:

Snowy Kip:

BD and I did get up and attempt to go to work today like good worker bees. But about a 1/2 mile from our house we were informed that the highway to the interstate was closed. AWWW SO SAD.

In other SO SAD news, classes are cancelled tonight at school. The professor sent out an email saying we should watch the inauguration, drink hot chocolate, and stay warm. So I did.


sil said...

hey y'all! glad y'all were able to take advantage of the snow day! thanks for visiting my blog, and geaux tigers :) we visited some friends in carey and they still had a little bit of snow. hope y'all's has melted!

Alice said...

we just got the snow today, finally! schools are all cancelled, and we're working from home ;-)