Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Stitches: Projects Finished

In between school projects, I have managed to also finish a couple of stitching projects.

I finished this one a while ago, and I'm hesitant to frame it because I'm considering reworking it. I also could not get a decent picture of it - in case you can't read it, it has our names and wedding date and says "From this day forward, May your hearts be as one." This project was my first time using over-dyed threads. I like the effects of the over-dyed thread - it kind of blends from darker to lighter in the same skein, but I don't like the overall color scheme I used here. I ordered the thread online, and I was trying to order a blue color, but instead it's really more of a teal. The teal and orange lettering give it kind of a 1970's feel...which is not exactly what I was going for!

The second one I just finished recently. It is back to my favorite theme - dogs!

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