Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Break

Thursday and Friday were fall break at school, so I took vacation from work as well to have a few days to decompress and gear up for the second half of the semester. BD took off on Friday, and we spent some time doing some yard work and getting out fall/Halloween decorations.

There are some bare patches in the yard where the grass wasn't growing well, so we decided to tackle those first. BD tilled up and degrassed the areas, and I spread grass seed.

Then we covered the seed with a fresh layer of top soil for nutrients and a layer of wheat straw to keep the birds from eating the seed. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll have some new, healthy grass in those spots.

Here is a shot of the flower bed we built back in May - everything is doing really well. The rose bushes have grown about a foot and are always covered in blooms. I am guessing they will probably start to drop their leaves as soon as we have the first frost.

I got out my fall garden flag. You can also see a few of the pansies we planted last weekend. And I just realized I need to trim back those boxwood bushes!

I used some of the leftover wheat straw to stage the decorations on the front porch. I would like to have a scarecrow to stand up in the corner to the right of the door, but I can't find one I like. (And it's too much work to make one!)

Those are artificial pumpkins that BD and I painted a couple of years ago. The little signs say "EEK a spider" and "BOO to you".

This one is a skeleton with a (foam) bat on top.

This one is a smiley-brace-face with a (pipe-cleaner) spider on top. You can tell I like happy not scary decorations!

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