Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

BD and I have decided to replace our laminate countertops in the kitchen with something a little nicer. We've considered lots of options - solid surface, granite, etc - and are leaning towards going with quartz. We recently brought home some samples to check out. Here they are against our existing countertops; you can also see our cabinets and paint color (the paint looks green here - it's actually a gold-khaki...Ralph Lauren 'Toast' to be exact). Our appliances are white although hopefully we'll replace them with stainless eventually.

All 4 samples together here - L to R: the first one is brownish, the second is khaki/cream (basically the same as the laminate we have now), the third is blackish, and the fourth is greyish. They all have lots of colors mixed in when you see them in person.

These are our top 2 choices - the middle 2 from the first picture. We're leaning toward the darker one because the contrast really brings out the wall and cabinet color. But it sure is hard to decide off a 4x4 sample!


Tracy said...

I agree - I like the darker one. It would be a good contrast to your cabinets and your floors. My parents had quartz in their old house and LOVED it!

Alice said...

man, everything in my (rental) kitchen is so crappy! i wish i could redo it :-(