Friday, July 11, 2008

Tales of the Tail: The One with the Toy

Kip's favorite toys are the stuffed ones with a squeaker. He thinks it is his mission in life to perform a squeaker-ectomy as soon as possible after getting a new toy.

"Okay, this looks like the perfect spot for the incision..."

"Let's get all this pesky stuffing out of the way..."

"I know that squeaker's in here somewhere!"

"What? It's my toy; I can destroy it if I want..."


Melissa said...

I love reading about Kip! Seems like he is very well trained. I am jealous. Shelby is still very much a crazy puppy. Hope y'all are doing great.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Kip is awesome. What's his world record for removing the squeaker? He seems very thorough.

Emily said...

That is so adorable! "Squeaker-ectomy" is funny.

My dog hasn't yet learned that toys are fun. She's a rescue and I'm assuming went without toys until I adopted her.