Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flora and Fauna

Flora: We have teeny-tiny baby tomatoes on both of our tomato plants! And the roses in the new flowerbed have finally recovered and are starting to bloom again!

Fauna: There has been a strange stink in the garage the past couple of days; BD said it was probably a mouse or bird that had gotten trapped in there and died. Tonight he completely pulled everything away from the walls and searched for the origin of the offending smell and found...nothing. On the upside, the garage is now swept and tidy. And the smell is mysteriously gone...very strange.

(This is everything pulled away from the walls - I didn't want you to think I consider this "tidy" - HA! Also: the tower of paint cans you may can see in the center of the picture is going to the recycling center this weekend. I had no idea that we have accumulated so many! And some of them are about 4 years old!!)

1 comment:

Alice said...

hmm... i have a funky smell in my dining room. maybe you guys can come find it / remove it for me? :-)