Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tales of the Tail: The One With the Ocean

Also filed under "Watch Us Torture the Dog" - I mentioned in an earlier post that Kip wasn't overly impressed with the ocean. Specifically, he didn't like the waves coming at him.

We eventually found a spot with a sandbar about 50 yards out, so the water was calmer up near the beach. I was able to coax him out into the water a bit. In his defense, the water was really cold. In my defense, I didn't know my ass would be starring in both videos. GAH.


artemisia said...

Oh, sweet pooch! Our Buster would never have made it into the water. Your pup is a trooper.

Alice said...

aww! i have a cat who, oddly, LOVES the water. i'm not sure how he'd feel about waves, though. probably not good.