Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Breakfast for Supper

We like to eat breakfast for supper - this is something I remember from childhood - since it is a quick but filling meal. Tonight I decided to make omelets even though I have never made them before and didn't exactly know what I was doing. We had diced ham, mushrooms, and cheese for the omelets.

I started by chopping and sauteeing the mushrooms.

I poured the egg mixture into a skillet, added the toppings, and let it cook until it started to get pretty firm. It was really a total guess as to when it was firm enough to fold. It started to get bubbles under the surface before I folded it.

Once it got firm, I used a wide spatula and flipped it over (this was not as easy as it sounds) -with a little manuevering, it worked.

Ta-da!! Ham, mushroom, and cheese omelet with a side of fried potatoes. (Fried potatoes courtesy of BD.)

BD wanted his "well done" so I let it cook a while longer. It also dawned on me to flip it again once I folded it over so both sides would brown.

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