Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was searching for something non-desserty to bake and came across a recipe for soft pretzels. It only required ingredients that I already had on hand, so it seemed like the perfect idea for a Sunday afternoon. I also got to use the dough hook on my stand mixer - always a plus in my book!

There was enough dough for about 10 pretzels, but since this was an initial try I only made four.

They came out really well, except for the part where I cooked them on wax paper instead of parchment paper. Turns out that soft pretzels actually bake TO the wax paper instead of coming off easily. But the tops of the pretzels were delish! A few tweaks to the recipe (more flour in the dough; no wax paper) and I'll definitely make these again.


Stephanie said...

Those look delicious! They're on my short list of recipes to try soon.

Anonymous said...

I got a suggestion once to bake cookies on wax paper for that nice "shiny" bottom you see on Mrs. Field's cookies. I must say I never noticed the shiny bottoms or thought of them as a particlularly appealing feature on store-bought cookies. But there you go, you can make pretzels with shiny bottome :-)

Kate said...

My husband LOVES pretzels and on occasion buys these frozen ones and just nukes them -- seems like such a sad thing to do to such a good treat. I'm going to try to make him some of these - thanks so much for the recipe link (and the parchment paper tip - I probably would have done wax too).

Kate said...

Me again, with two quick questions (I am a baking novice, unless cookie mixes count!)
1) I forgot to pick up Kosher salt. I don't suppose regular table salt will do?
2) Is there actually such thing as "pretzel salt", or is it just large grain sea salt? I'm not sure we'll want to salt the pretzels anyway, but thought I'd ask.
Thanks so much!

LA & BD said...

Kate - I had the same questions, too!

(1)According to Wikipedia, the only difference between kosher salt and table salt is the size of the grains, so I imagine that table salt will work just fine. Actually, table salt may work better here because I had trouble getting the large grains to dissolve in the water.

(2)There is such a thing as pretzel salt, but I do think it is really just large-grain salt. I used the Kosher salt on top of the pretzels, and it worked fine. Table salt will work fine here, too. ~LA

Kate said...

Thanks so much! I FINALLY made these yesterday. I'm technically on South Beach so was not supposed to eat one, but after what for me was more baking effort than I've ever made, I figured I should. They were so good! And my husband really liked them. I think I'm going to play around with making some with whole wheat flour and see how good/gross they are. I did use table salt for all salts in the recipe and it seemed to work just fine.