Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Perhaps He'd Prefer Evian?

Because Kip has skin allergies, BD came up with the idea to fill Kip's water bowl with filtered water from the fridge dispenser. (Yeah, I'm not sure I see the connection there either.) We pour out and refill Kip's water bowl frequently so it is fresh and not a stagnant, drool/water mix. (mental image: YUM!) So for several days I listened to "friendly" reminders from BD to remember the filtered water! don't forget to use filtered water! he needs filtered water! (me: *roll eyes*) After several days of this, I noticed that every time I was pouring out the exact amount that I was refilling. Then I realized that every time Kip went out, he made a bee-line for his outside water bowl (filled from the *gasp* garden hose!) and guzzled it dry. Since I'm such a smart girl, I came to the conclusion that HE DOESN'T LIKE FILTERED WATER. So, to recap...he prefers inexpensive tap water over filtered and yet he scratches himself silly if I feed him anything other than $50/bag dry food. Although I did catch him eyeballing the bottled waters in the pantry this morning...

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