Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New & Improved Carolina Basketball - Now with Video!

In case you think all I do is cross stitch and go to basketball games and hang out with Kip...well, you'd be exactly right. However, Sunday was our last game to attend for the season, so after this post you'll be spared until next season. But we might buy full season tickets next year instead of half (*evil laughter*)...I'll have even more material with which to bore entertain you!

In the videos you don't quite get the true sense of how loud it is in the arena, but you will witness the nosebleed-ness of our seats.

Pre-game warmups - these are really just the show off warmups. They come out and do all their stretching and real warmups and then go back in the locker room for a while. This is their "official" entrance.

All the cool kids go to Carolina basketball games - even the "Blues Brothers" make an appearance at most home games. You can see more of them here or read more about them here.

Even the littlest Tarheels get in on the action. We like to train them up right from an early age around here.

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Kate said...

Wow, that stadium is just packed. Looks like fun. I love the video of the little guys.