Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Motivation 101

Almost 2 years ago I decided that I wasn't getting enough exercise in my daily routine. I walked our dog pretty regularly and called it exercise, so I couldn't understand why my butt was outgrowing my jeans. Errr...have you seen Kip lately? He weighs 80 lbs; it was really more him walking me than the other way around. I was basically just along to ensure the safety of the neighborhood squirrels and cats (and to scoop the poop). But, judging from the tightness of my pants, I was not getting enough aerobic activity. (Me: Who knew? You: Duh.) I woke up on a random Saturday morning and decided I was going to start running. I started slowly - just running a small portion of the route I usually walked - and built up so that now I run slightly over 3 miles on a regular basis. As I ran, not only did my pants get looser, but I started feeling better about myself in general. The vet said it was good for Kip, too and then even BD started joining in on the fun. Now, don't get me wrong...I don't think I'll ever be one of those "I heart running" people; you won't exactly catch me counting down the time until I get to run again, but I do enjoy the benefits of running (i.e. smaller pants size and still eating fast food). However, in spite of the not-really-enjoying it part, I'm working on increasing my distance this year. I'd like to be capable of a 10-mile run or *gasp* maybe even a 1/2 marathon. To do this, I need some motivation. Not motivation to run, obviously, since I'm already doing that, but motivation to run farther. And none of that "If I can run 10 miles, I'll buy myself new shoes" motivation...that crap doesn't work for me. I need to SEE my progress. And so, I present to you, my bloggy friends: The Motivation Board - a white board on the fridge where I can track my distances daily, weekly, monthly and YTD. (Me: Impressive, no? You: ZZZZZZ...huh wha?)

Also: I stole this idea from the sidebar of a blog I lurked on recently, but I cannot find the blog again. If the original author happens to read this, please comment so I can give credit!

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Holly said...

Welcome to the darkside. I don't know - those dotted letters pretty much scream "i heart running."