Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Steal Only What I Can't Afford*

We recently got a new DVD-R/VCR combo player. One of the reasons BD picked this particular model is because it has a digital tuner, so when the cable goes digital next year we won't have to get a box for the downstairs TV. Last night he got it hooked up so that the cable runs through the new machine, so we can record shows (yes, we're probably the last people without TiVo) on DVD. And guess what else we discovered - we can now access some of the digital cable channels illegally for free! It's mostly the local network affiliates that also broadcast in high-def on the digital tier. But, still...illegal free is good!

You totally can't see it, but in the bottom left-hand corner it says "WRAL HD."

*Obscure song lyric reference (hint: Disney movie)