Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Art of Letter Writing - Carolina Basketball Edition


Dear Stinky Guy in Front of Us:

It's called a daily shower with soap. Look into it.

Dear Band Members:

Playing "Living on A Prayer" when the opposing team enters the arena....GENIUS.

Musically Astute
Dear Redneck in the Section to Our Left:

"Defense" only has two syllables. When you say "de-FEE-nse" not only do you sound stupid, but it messes up the rhythm of the cheer.

An English Teacher's Daughter
Dear Gentleman Behind Us:

It's a basketball game. People stand up to cheer. Yes, we can hear you whining, and we don't care. I'm sure you have a very comfortable couch; stay home if you want to sit down the entire game.

An Upright Fan
Dear Play-by-Play Announcer:

Thank you for telling us which player the foul was called against and how many fouls that player has for the game. One about telling us WHY the foul was called because the ref's hand signals tell me nothing.

A Basketball Newbie
Dear Smith Center Maintence Persons:

What is this...Flush by Number? Another casualty of the drought...the freedom to choose which direction I flush. Also: the sign was clear enough, I don't need a tutorial on the handle itself.

A Conscientious Flusher
Dear BD:

When there's only 1 minute left in the game and we're up by 30 points, you no longer have to live and die by every shot. It's pretty certain that we're going to win.

Your Loving (but almost deaf) Wife

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Kate said...

I'm new here, but I just wanted to say this post made me laugh out loud. Also, Kip is adorable. Love the picture on your side bar.