Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frost-free Ferns

BD has two ferns that he's been raising (growing? tending?) for several years now. Since ferns are generally tropical plants and it does sometimes get below freezing in NC, they spend their winter months at the posh resort known as "our garage". Last year we spent from Nov - March stepping over and around these lovely (read: annoying) creatures to BD's tune of "watch out! be careful! don't step on it!" (read: even more annoying). They made it through the winter unscathed and grew even bigger and healthier all summer (because we stealthily watered them under the cover of darkness since we are in a drought). Now it is time to return them to their winter home, so I politely requested (read: insisted) that they be put in a place where I did not have to play garage/greenhouse obstacle course everytime I wanted to get to my car. Here is the solution:

I must say, I am pretty impressed. A simple but ingenious plan - planter basket hangers on the wall of the garage.

Also: This post should be entitled "What People Without Kids Post About". Seriously? I'm posting about plants? LAME.


Tessie said...

HA! Have you seen The Lonely Guy with Steve Martin? They get ferns to take care of instead of girlfriends/kids.

I LOVE YOUR DOG! Also, I read the Dilbert Blog too.

Swistle said...

Those are pretty awesome ferns. With the handle between them, it looks like a cynical art piece: "anorexic cheerleader" or something.

Holly said...

That would be thrilling, even with kids! Anything that makes life simpler/easier is very, very valuable and exciting to me. Especially if it is a cheap and obvious solution.