Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Kip's World - We Just Live in It

These are older pictures, but I thought they were appropriate for the title. Kip has had a skin itching problem for the majority of his life. There is a "hot spot" on his shoulder that he will literally scratch until it bleeds. We've been through many rounds of skin scrapings and antibiotics, several doses of steriods, and more benedryl than you can imagine, all with no long-term results. At this point the vet is telling us it's either food allergies or go to the veterinary dermatologist (who even knew such a thing existed?!). Have I mentioned lately that Kip is a MUTT?! Aren't they supposed to be the hearty, inexpensive breed?! So, we've decided to tackle the food allergy possibility first. We've always fed Kip what we thought were "good" foods - Science Diet, Nutro, etc. Well, let me be the first to tell you that doing a Google search on "dog food ingredients" is an eye-opening experience. Yesterday we made the trek to Carrboro to a high end pet food store, Phydeaux. (Cute, right?) All of the foods they carry are all-natural, grain-free, etc. The sales person was more than helpful (please remember to ask BD about this experience) and Kip is now the proud new eater of one-protein source, one-carbohydrate source, ultra-premium dog food:

In case you can't read the bag, the two main ingredients are fish and sweet potato. The rest of the ingredient list reads like a trip to Ruby Tuesday's salad bar: blueberries, spinach, apple - the list goes on. He LOVES it; he starts eating it before I get it all in the bowl. And also, to complete Kip's new dining experience, we have a new dog-bowl setup:

Raised bowls are recommended for large breeds to help with digestion. This is the cheap version of raised bowls. Dogs rule.

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