Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dry as a Bone!

This has been the hottest, driest summer on record for North Carolina in like 50 years. They are saying we need about 15" of rain at this point to make up the deficit. The lake near our house is literally drying up, and we have been on mandatory water restrictions for over 3 months. At first, we were only on moderate restrictions meaning we could water on certain days based on our house number. Since the beginning of August we are on severe restriction - you are not allowed to water anything, unless it is on fire. We've been asked to turn off the water while bathing in the shower, use paper plates for get the picture - it's really bad. I knew we were in real trouble, though when we passed a church sign yesterday that read, "Come inside and join us in a prayer for rain!" Our whole yard is now brown and crunchy, and we have an entire collection of dead plants.

The flower graveyard:


Anonymous said...

The church sign said what? GOOD ONE!

Holly said...

awwwe, that's too bad about your plants. we had that last summer - and this summer we've had too much rain!