Sunday, September 2, 2007

Carolina Football

Thanks to one of my co-workers, BD and I had tickets to last night's sold out season opener Carolina football game. (In case you don't know, UNC is not exactly known for its stellar football program, but they have a new coach so everybody is really pumped up for this season.) Kenan Stadium is not the most comfortable place to be - you're pretty much packed in there like sardines, but the weather was beautiful (80 degrees with a breeze) and we had a great time. Carolina won 37-14 over James Madison (yes, it's a 1-AA team, but we're still proud).

Carolina mascot, Ramses:
Parachute guy delivering game ball & flag:
Here come the boys in blue!
Game action:
According to the paper there were 58,500 people at the game.
Self-portrait during the game:
Celebrating a Carolina win!

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Rana said...

These NC football teams really do it up, huh? Could I have turned on NBC and seen you two in the stands, I mean really? Uh...any backstage passes for the Prince half time show? Macy's fireworks and the whole shebang...looks like it was a serious game. I'm glad ya'll had fun!