Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall's Here!

The nights are finally getting cooler here, and the days are not as hot. I figured it was time to remove the summery sunflower wreath from the front door and replace it with something more seasonal.

Toys for Adults

I've been wanting a bike for a while now. I haven't had one since I was a kid - probably haven't been on a bike at all in 15 years! Bonus checks were handed out on Friday, so yesterday we headed off to The Bicycle Chain in Durham. Here's what we brought home:
It is a Trek Navigator 2.0; it is a hybrid/comfort bike so it has wider tires and shock absorbtion and sits upright. I told the guy, "I don't want a Lance Armstrong bike, and I don't want an X-Games bike. I want to ride around the neighborhood comfortably and get some exercise." I've already been on it a couple of times and it seems to be exactly what I wanted!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The House To Myself

Listen! Do you hear that sound?? That's's the sound of silence! It is Saturday morning and there is NO college football on my TV. In fact, my TV is not even turned on! It's not that I have anything against college football; in fact, I actually enjoy it. But it is really nice to have the option to have it on today. As you have probably figured out by now, BD is not here this weekend. He left Thursday to fly to our hometown to be there for his dad's surgery. He'll be back late Sunday night. So while he's been gone, I've been girlin' it up around here. Last night I watched 3 episodes of "What Not to Wear" with no sarcastic comments of "who gets that dressed up to go to the grocery store" in the background. And today, I'm headed out to treat myself to lunch and some shopping! Tomorrow I'm actually going to do some housework so he'll have a clean house to come home to. I am glad he's coming home tomorrow; I wouldn't want him to be gone much longer, but for now I'm enjoying the time to myself!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A pet peeve & a new favorite

Pet Peeve: People who spell it "ya'll". Come on,'s a contraction. The apostrophe replaces the missing letters. Therefore, the contraction for "you all" is "y'all"!

New Favorite: Have you seen the "worryless wireless" SunCom commercials? The newest one I've seen has Jake Delhomme (Panther's QB) in the locker room talking on his cell about stadium seats. He has an entire conversation about how they should really be called "sit occasionallys" because you don't stay seated in them. He says "Man, this is going to be a great game. The sit occasionallys are packed!" The narrator comes on and says "When you don't have to worry about your wireless minutes you have the freedom to think about other things." Love those commercials!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Kip's World - We Just Live in It

These are older pictures, but I thought they were appropriate for the title. Kip has had a skin itching problem for the majority of his life. There is a "hot spot" on his shoulder that he will literally scratch until it bleeds. We've been through many rounds of skin scrapings and antibiotics, several doses of steriods, and more benedryl than you can imagine, all with no long-term results. At this point the vet is telling us it's either food allergies or go to the veterinary dermatologist (who even knew such a thing existed?!). Have I mentioned lately that Kip is a MUTT?! Aren't they supposed to be the hearty, inexpensive breed?! So, we've decided to tackle the food allergy possibility first. We've always fed Kip what we thought were "good" foods - Science Diet, Nutro, etc. Well, let me be the first to tell you that doing a Google search on "dog food ingredients" is an eye-opening experience. Yesterday we made the trek to Carrboro to a high end pet food store, Phydeaux. (Cute, right?) All of the foods they carry are all-natural, grain-free, etc. The sales person was more than helpful (please remember to ask BD about this experience) and Kip is now the proud new eater of one-protein source, one-carbohydrate source, ultra-premium dog food:

In case you can't read the bag, the two main ingredients are fish and sweet potato. The rest of the ingredient list reads like a trip to Ruby Tuesday's salad bar: blueberries, spinach, apple - the list goes on. He LOVES it; he starts eating it before I get it all in the bowl. And also, to complete Kip's new dining experience, we have a new dog-bowl setup:

Raised bowls are recommended for large breeds to help with digestion. This is the cheap version of raised bowls. Dogs rule.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

"Workin' 9 to 5 - What a Way To Make a Livin'..."

BD and I work for the same company. BD has been there over a year; I joined a few months ago. Clinical trials work is interesting and challenging, and our company is one of the best in the business. We both work with fun, intelligent people and really enjoy our jobs. The building we work in is leased from a management company, so unfortunately we can't take credit for this little spelling gem:

Now, granted, I am not the greatest speller in the world so I shouldn't cast stones, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. The best part is that BD works on the 5th floor, so he walks by that sign every day and never noticed it until I pointed it out! :) I wonder how many other people have never noticed it...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Carolina Football

Thanks to one of my co-workers, BD and I had tickets to last night's sold out season opener Carolina football game. (In case you don't know, UNC is not exactly known for its stellar football program, but they have a new coach so everybody is really pumped up for this season.) Kenan Stadium is not the most comfortable place to be - you're pretty much packed in there like sardines, but the weather was beautiful (80 degrees with a breeze) and we had a great time. Carolina won 37-14 over James Madison (yes, it's a 1-AA team, but we're still proud).

Carolina mascot, Ramses:
Parachute guy delivering game ball & flag:
Here come the boys in blue!
Game action:
According to the paper there were 58,500 people at the game.
Self-portrait during the game:
Celebrating a Carolina win!

Dry as a Bone!

This has been the hottest, driest summer on record for North Carolina in like 50 years. They are saying we need about 15" of rain at this point to make up the deficit. The lake near our house is literally drying up, and we have been on mandatory water restrictions for over 3 months. At first, we were only on moderate restrictions meaning we could water on certain days based on our house number. Since the beginning of August we are on severe restriction - you are not allowed to water anything, unless it is on fire. We've been asked to turn off the water while bathing in the shower, use paper plates for get the picture - it's really bad. I knew we were in real trouble, though when we passed a church sign yesterday that read, "Come inside and join us in a prayer for rain!" Our whole yard is now brown and crunchy, and we have an entire collection of dead plants.

The flower graveyard: