Friday, June 15, 2018

MC's 6th Birthday

This sweet girl is officially 6 years old! We spent MC's 6th birthday at home with just the four of us. She had a unicorn 6th birthday shirt to wear for her special day, and GL had a matching sibling shirt, so we made sure to get some pictures of them together wearing their shirts.

She wanted to open presents right away, so we did that early in the day.

The main thing she had asked for was a "real watch with a timer." I did not think finding a kids' watch would be difficult, but it turns out that BD and I had to do a lot of looking to find one that was small enough to fit her but also decent quality! We ended up with a pink Timex IronKids watch, and she loves it.

She also got some new puzzles and books, two new charms for her charm necklace (a sparkly unicorn and a pair of ballet slippers), and a new Playmobil campsite set.

Little sister wasn't thrilled that there were no presents for her.

But sweet MC let her open some presents so she wouldn't be left out.

She requested vanilla cake with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkle decorations as her birthday cake. I baked the cake the night before, then she helped me make the icing and frost the cake on the morning of her birthday. I am not a huge fan of buttercream icing, so this year I attempted a hybrid whipped cream/cream cheese frosting, and it turned out so good! 

She wanted to eat cake when she was "really six" so we ate lunch a little early and had cake just before noon.

Everyone enjoyed her cake!

Later in the day she had Island Princess dance camp, so we made rainbow rice krispy treats to share with her friends at camp.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy 6th Birthday, MC!

To quote one of her favorite books, Happy 6th Birthday to "a strong smart wonderful magical little girl!"

At six years old, this girl is full of energy, excitement, and personality. She is kind-hearted and thoughtful, smart as a whip, and a social butterfly with her friends. She is learning to read independently, loves to dance, and do any kind of craft project. She is quick to point out to us that she is now officially a "big girl" but also still lets us sing and rock her to sleep every night. Oh, how we love her so!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

MC's 6th Birthday Party

MC chose to have her 6th birthday party at a local gymnastics facility, and she wanted to have a unicorn theme. We scheduled her birthday party for the same weekend as her dance recital, so all of her grandparents could be here for both events. It was a busy but fun weekend!

This gym does a great job with birthday parties. The coaches had a full hour of games and activities for the kids to do. Even GL got in on the fun!

They played with the giant parachute first.

They ran through a large obstacle course.

They played on all the gymnastics equipment - trampoline, bars, balance beam, etc - and ended with some fun in the foam pit!

After all of that playing, everyone was ready for pizza, watermelon, and cupcakes.

We had so much fun celebrating our soon-to-be 6 year old girl!

Monday, June 4, 2018

MC's Dance Recital 2018

MC took ballet/jazz 1 combo class at her dance studio this year. She really likes dance and seems to have an aptitude for it, so we have enjoyed watching her learn and grow over the course of the year.

Her class did both a ballet and a jazz routine for this year's recital. For ballet they danced to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and their jazz routine was to September.

I got a few pictures of her on stage during dress rehearsal for her ballet routine. I volunteered to help in the dressing room backstage, so I didn't get any pictures of her during the actual recital. I did watch her routines from backstage, and the whole recital was recorded so we will have a DVD to keep as a souvenir.

I got a quick picture of her in her jazz costume backstage before they went on to do their routine.

GL got a little bored during the long recital, so we went out and took some pictures in the lobby.

All of her grandparents were able to be in town for her recital, and she was thrilled to have lots of people in the audience watching her.

Her professional pictures turned out really well!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Farm Tour

On Memorial Day, MC and I went to a local farm for a guided farm tour. This farm was founded in 1870 and for many years was a real working farm but has now been turned into an educational farm and summer camp facility. I've heard lots of good things about their programs, but we had never attended anything there. They've started a new series of guided farm tours, so we thought that would be a good introduction for us.

Originally, we were planning for all 4 of us to attend, but GL needed to stay home for a nap, so BD stayed with her while MC and I went to the farm.

While waiting for the tour to begin we discovered this massive oak tree that also had a fun swing attached to it.

During the tour we got to meet and hand feed the animals that live on the farm. We fed horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, and alpacas.

Much to my happy surprise MC was willing to feed and interact with most of the animals! The horses and donkeys were a bit to big for her comfort, but she fed and/or petted everything else! I was so proud of my brave girl!

In addition to the animals, we also checked out their stocked fishing pond and their gardens. MC tried some green leaf lettuce that was growing in the garden. It was fun to spend a couple of hours together on the farm!

Friday, May 25, 2018

MC's Last Day of 5s Class

In the blink of an eye MC's last day of school was upon us. I cannot say enough good things about the 5s program she was in this year. It was such a good fit for her. She learned so much and had so much fun every day, and we are really happy that we made the decision to send her there.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The last week of school, the 4s and 5s class went to Camp New Hope, where they spent their time doing traditional day camp activities in a beautiful wooded setting. They did craft projects and played sports and hiked in the woods and explored the pond. MC came home every day dirty, tired, and happy.

On the last day of the week, they had a short program where they sang songs around the camp fire and then a family picnic for the whole school. We said a bittersweet goodbye to her classmates and teachers and they gave us all of her work that they'd saved throughout the year - her journal, various art projects, and an individual scrapbook that the teachers made for her. It was very special and fun.

After we left Camp New Hope, we stopped by the local shave ice shop for a celebratory treat. Let the summer begin!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

GL Pics

Rocking the double-mohawk ponytails.

She asked to hold a tomato and then proceeded to eat the entire thing like an apple while we shopped.

Her first day of mommy and me swimming lessons. She LOVES the water!

Could she be more of a doll with those pigtails?! She is also obsessed with 'sicles!

Breakfast at Chick Fil A. She ate four chicken minis and a fruit cup. Sister likes to eat!