Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Lights

GL's first experience with Christmas lights. She doesn't seem too excited in this picture, but she is mesmerized by them on the Christmas tree.

MC "helped" put lights on the tree.

Baby wrapped in Christmas lights!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Conversations at 4.5

We're talking about breakfast food, and she's asking me about the special breakfast we make for Christmas morning.

LA: It's called monkey bread.
MC: Does it taste like monkeys?


It's bedtime, and we're talking about her day. She's telling me about a friend from preschool.

MC: I love you more than I love Wilson. I love you a dozen. I only love him a hundred.


We are reading a Thanksgiving book, and at the end the book asks the reader "What are you thankful for?"

MC: I'm thankful for Wilson, my sister, Elmo, and I'm a little bit thankful for books with flaps.


MC: When I saw Rameses at the pepper rally today, he was wearing a black shirt!
LA, feigning surprise: Whaaatttt?
MC: I know! Crazy, right?!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a low-key Thanksgiving this year, for GL's first Thanksgiving. We planned to have two other families for a lunch time meal, but one family had to cancel the day before due to a kid with a fever. So we ended up with four adults and four kids (2 preschoolers, 2 infants) for our potluck feast.

We did manage to snap a few pictures of our first Thanksgiving as a family of four before our friends arrived.

GL is wearing the same outfit that MC wore on her first Thanksgiving!

MC wrote everyone's names on place cards for our meal.

BD ended up at the kids' table by MC's request.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Here are some recent pictures of our girls. These are from October 2016 - MC is 4 years old; GL is 2 months old.

We walked over to get a neighborhood friend to come for a play date. They hadn't seen each other in a while, so they held hands all the way back to our house.

E's mama sent slice-and-bake cookies with him for snacks during the play date, so they anxiously awaited the completion of the baking process.

MC is really into drawing pictures and writing her name lately.

We decorated and delivered fall-themed cupcakes for all our neighborhood friends.

I took both girls with me to do early voting this year.

Sleeping baby snuggles are the best!

Pumpkin head!

Bundled up and cozy for our chilly morning walk in the stroller.

She is trying her hardest to become a hand/finger sucker. I am trying my hardest to encourage the paci over her hand.

Hello from tummy time!

Sweet, smiling girl - 11 weeks old in this picture.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The first GL smiles caught on camera - October 15, 2016.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cutest Pumpkin(s) in the Patch

During MC's first fall season, back in 2012, we got these great pictures of her sitting in a pumpkin. So we thought it would be cute to try and recreate the same photos with GL. However, MC was about 8 weeks older than GL at this point during her first fall, so she was more stable and able to sit up better.

GL was...not very thrilled about sitting in a pumpkin.

Perhaps a more appropriate title would be Unhappiest Pumpkin in the Patch! (Don't worry - the entire photo shoot lasted about 6 minutes, so the torture didn't go on very long.)

This is about the best non-screaming picture we got -- doesn't she look thrilled?!

Having Big Sister near (and paci in her mouth) helped her to be a little more okay with the situation...

Monday, November 14, 2016

Even More Fall Fun

When MC and I were at the pumpkin patch this fall, we picked out a white pumpkin to use for a craft project idea that I had seen on Pinterest. One afternoon after preschool, the girls and I got everything set up on the driveway to work on our pumpkin project. (And MC's Ryder figurine from Paw Patrol helped, too - of course!)

We glued crayons to the top of our white pumpkin...

and then used the hair dryer to melt the wax and let it drip down the sides of the pumpkin. Turned out pretty cool!

Another one of MC's favorite fall activities is for BD to blow up a big leaf pile for her to jump in. She has been waiting anxiously all fall for her first leaf pile. Finally last weekend there were enough leaves on the ground, and she had a blast running, jumping, throwing leaves!